Justin Trudeau and Xir Relation to the Quebecois Deep-state & A Brief Introduction to the Tech Extremist-Quebecois Connection (Trudeau = Khyrsos???¿)


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Chapter 1 of 613: Identity Part 1 of 5

Justin Trudeau is a being of mass destruction descended upon us in the early 18th century. Not much is known about Trudeau's origins or true identity, but it is speculated that he made his first comprehensible appearance during the first drain of semen energy in the early 20th century (more on this event later). Trudeau is confirmed to have consumed some of the first rare earth metals, which as I am sure you are aware of, is a major element in the provocation of Khyrsos to command the first army of tech extremists, invading Mongolia in 1958 (see https://www.childrenofkhan.com/ for more information on this topic. As stated in the title, a brief overview of the rise of tech extremism will be given later on). Interestingly, before the invasion of Mongolia in 1958 (not documented on traditional records)